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Last week I decided to call a catering company that I’ve always admired from afar to ask if they were hiring. Yes, it was a on a whim ’cause that’s how I roll. Anyway, it turns out they were looking for someone to run their day to day operations! Since I never expect my neurosis moments to actually yield results, I was pretty nervous about meeting her. Her? Yep, the owner is a she and she is amazing. She runs a well respected and profitable catering business, teaches classes, writes a blog and has a published cookbook. She’s basically me when I grow up!

Here’s what she sent me after we met:

It was great meeting you Devvon.  I hired a woman I worked with previously, who lives in the neighborhood. If it’s any consolation, you were a close second.  I’m keeping your resume moving forward, and intend to give you a call for events and anything else that might open up.

Thank you so much for your time and wonderful attitude.

I guess I could find the negative in that – but I’m not. This was amazing! I went on an interview, cold, in my desired industry and came in second but more than that I made a valuable connection with someone I admire! She hired someone else, someone she knew but guess what? She’s now stuck with me. I intend to pick her brain, help with weekend catering events, or do whatever I can to learn and grow. Score!

Invigorated from my interview, I made a caramel apple cheesecake for my younger son’s teacher and it was a hit! So much so that I made another and brought it to a friends barbecue on Sunday – equally good. 🙂 So – yay! I can make up cheesecake flavors that people other than my family enjoy.

Things are looking up – I’m moving in the right direction. Who cares that I cried in the gym last week? Change is hard, sometimes move me to the point of tears hard. But I know it’s because the payoff will be huge. It already is huge. What is more invigorating than following your dreams??? I’m following mine and I can tell you it’s nothing short of amazing. It may not be the right time for me to work with the caterer extraordinaire but she didn’t close the door. She left it cracked and I stuck my foot in!

I had a bit of writers block last week so there will be two more posts coming in the next two days. I sat down with an amazing friend who is a mom, wife and entrepreneur, attended a game changer conference yesterday and even snuck in a visit to one of the tastiest and most innovative ice cream shops in town.

Please stay tuned!