The time has come friends. Last night I had a sudden burst of clarity. An epiphany. Out of nowhere I asked myself a question. “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, DUMMY?!?!” The minute I thought of this question, I was giddy and euphoric at the same time. What am I waiting for? What am I waiting for? Nothing. I’m not waiting for anything. 

I already am doing something that makes me happy and that I happen to be really good at. Cooking. Sharing my gift. Yesterday I dropped off a vegan pumpkin lasagna to a friend’s and I had that giddy, slightly nauseous feeling that comes from putting yourself out there. I’m not a vegan nor do I profess to be. But I fearlessly (naively, actually) promised her that I’d make something I’d never made or even tasted before. How? Because when I’m in cooking I enter this über confident zone where I taste flavors in my head and I’m unabashedly happy. I think that’s special and worth sharing. I’m tired of this dream and am ready to make it my reality. The time has come. 

My name is Devvon and I’m going to rock your tastebuds. In the coming months, I’ll be figuring out a logo, testing recipes and developing menus. (any talented folks out there that want to work for food?) Hopefully, I can make a little $ in direct sales while I’m getting off this off the ground, but I’m going to make this work. One way or another. Look for more pictures, more neurosis, and more updates. It’s going to get crazy! Image