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Devvon and Mitch Kohn at Bake Sale LA @ Mary and Robb's

Devvon and Mitch Kohn at Bake Sale LA @ Mary and Robb’s Restaurant

I haven’t posted in forever and I’m SO sorry! If you’ve learned anything about me you’ll know that I feel things very deeply which means that I can be a tad more dramatic than others. So when I’m up I’m UP and when I’m down I feel like the walls are crashing in around me. Rather than bore you guys with all of that minutia (although some of you love it) I put my head down and worked.

On November 17, I sold my goods to the public for the very first time. I made 30 mini roasted cauliflower and bacon quiche and 60 mini cheesecakes in pumpkin and City girl s’mores flavors. Although I was initially intimidated at being the newbie, I quickly recovered and did really well. I passed out tons of business cards (made for the occasion) and sold almost everything. It was a great learning experience and I even got interviewed!

Hmm, what else? Oh! Remember the job that I didn’t get at the catering company? Well, it turns out that my persistence has paid off! Jennie (of Jennie Cooks catering) gave me a project! I’m helping her figure out a software program for her company which is going to help her accurately cost her recipes and will teach me how to do the same for myself. I’m so grateful for the opportunity – she’s a great lady.

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I sold pumpkin, apple and plain cheesecakes as well as my vegan pumpkin lasagna. I had my first ever tasting at a hotel on Monday, so hopefully I will be able to announce that you can taste my cheesecakes at said hotel very soon. (fingers crossed) And finally, the last thing to report is that I’ve taken the plunge and decided to rent a commercial kitchen (on an as needed basis) because I can certainly use the storage and multiple oven space. Plus, I think I made another ‘connection’ with a possible mentor which is worth more than I can even say. A mom of two boys (who are now men) she owns and runs FOOD Restaurant which is the kind of place I’d like to end up with someday. Her name is Judy and I can already tell she is the exact kind of dynamo that I need in my life!

So there you have it, it’s been a busy month and there’s more to come. Now that my initial embarrassment over not having posted is over, you’ll hear from me again by Saturday. In the meantime, go and eat something delicious!

Preparing the quiche...

Preparing the quiche…

Apple Cheesecake

Apple Cheesecake