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On July 26, 2013 I sent this email to a local chef:

Hello Chef Ford,

My name is Devvon Hinds and I am a Culver City resident. I’m writing to ask if you’d be willing to take me on an an unpaid apprentice. I don’t know if you get tons of requests for things like this and I’m sure that this email strikes you as odd, but I implore you to read my message before deciding.

I am a married mom of two and until a few weeks ago I’d been employed at  xxxx  for about eight years. While I was very comfortable and enjoyed my colleagues, it was simply a means to an end. My passion is and has always been the food industry. I have completed pro baking and cooking courses at the Epicurean School of Culinary Arts, assisted during cooking classes at Hip Cooks and am in a Cooking Club. I would like to explore career options in the culinary world but have no real experience. I know that its hard work, but I’m willing to learn. Your restaurant is and has been one of my favorite Culver City establishments and I appreciate the work you do for our community.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this message. No matter what you decide, I wish you, and your restaurant, all good things.

Devvon Hinds

When I sent that message, I was literally taking a stab in the dark. I did not think Chef Ford would reply to my email nor could I have predicted that in just under 5 months, I’d be working in my dream field. This all feels so surreal – from a Bake Sale, to renting oven space, a hotel tasting, and catering a party for 100 people (the number I’d prepped for per the host was 75). My dreams are coming true with the support of my friends and family and a lot of effort on my part. I’m learning what ‘putting myself out there’ really means and it’s paying off.

I’ll end today’s post by telling you about Monday’s catering job. In a word, SUCCESS! The food was tasty, there was plenty of it, and the guests seemed happy. There are a few changes I’d make for next time, but overall I (and the guests) am happy. Unfortunately, there are no pictures because the guests were also extremely ravenous and began to pounce on the food the minute it was set out (literally, pounced) so just take my word for it that I set a nice table.

The next few days, I’m going to concentrate on getting better (my husband, older son and I all have a stomach bug). And you should concentrate on eating good food and going after what you really want out of life. Not what the script says you should want, but on the thing that makes your heart sing. Dare to dream.