I can’t believe it’s January. A few months ago seemed so far away and now it’s here! And not just here, it’s mid-month. Wow.

All of my friends are making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, be nicer to their husbands, yell less, etc. and I was starting to feel like a loser because I hadn’t made one. Yes, I want to lose weight but that’s nothing new. Sooo, I’ve decided that instead of a resolution I will concentrate on letting go. Letting go of fear, letting go of expectations, letting go of living up to what others think I should be doing, letting go of my shame of being overweight and letting go of the memory of a truly dreadful start to last year. Letting go allows me to move forward and start anew. If I’m not afraid, I’ll try new things and challenge myself in ways that are beyond my wildest dreams. Letting go of expectations frees me up to be whoever and whatever I want. Letting go of worrying about what others think allows me to be me and not some abbreviated version of myself who is always second guessing and analyzing all of my thoughts and interactions. Letting go of my body shame will allow me to stop bemoaning how I ‘got here’ and instead focus on what I need to be healthy today. Letting go of the start of last year gives me permission to stop being so angry at the mean things that people said or did and focus instead of the joys and wonders that I’m currently experiencing.

I’m excited to see what happens when I act as I am – a woman who has accepted herself and is excited about the direction her life is going. I am no longer ashamed or worried about the acceptance of others and am ready to rock this year!