Being a child of the 80’s, I watched a lot of Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street growing up. People who really, really, know me (not many of those people) know how much I love Mr. Rogers. I believed everything he said and it wasn’t until a few minutes ago I realized how much his TV show influenced my life.  How so? Because I just realized this song has been playing in my head for the past few months!

Last week was great, but I was literally and emotionally all over the place. I don’t remember much of what happened on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday I made my first home meal delivery. Moroccan soup, lasagna, roasted cauliflower and shrimp with fennel and blood orange segments, carrot and walnut muffins made with almond flour, and a fresh from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market fruit platter were prepared courtesy of Coquette Cuisine (that’s me!).

On Thursday, Jennie assigned me to work a lunch in Malibu. It was a little overcast out but there was absolutely nothing to complain about. I got to serve an amazing group of people an amazing lunch and again marveled at how invaluable the experience is for me. Later in the day, I had an interview at Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom. Chef Eric and his beautiful wife and business partner Jennie gave me a tour of the facility talked to me a bit and then began scheduling me for classes. Bam! They mentioned that they’d seen my blog (yeah, this one – sorta’ famous) and were genuinely interested in hearing about my career change and experiences. Awesome. By they way, check out this clip of Chef E –  he’s actually famous and I just pretend to be.

Buried within all of that excitement was the fact that my beautiful boy fractured his ankle. Friday was spent at the doctors and I was grateful to my husband for having a job that provided us with insurance to get him so wonderfully taken care of. I am also thankful to him for loving me enough to support this crazy scary journey that I’m on. I’ve been forced to not only evaluate what’s important in my life but I’ve also managed to allow myself to re-imagine my life and dwell on what it is that makes my heart sing. At the risk of sounding like Mr. Rogers, “It’s such a good feeling”.

**Note: I should mention that my “interview” was for an internship at Chef’s Eric’s culinary school. I’ll be assisting with the Master Chef program for next 18 weeks. It’s been 18 years since I got my culinary education so this is a wonderful refresher and the boost my confidence needs to roll out the next phase of my plan…